Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anatomy class

I love the idea of Givenchy's forgoing a couture runway show for these gorgeous portraits by Willy Vandeperre and a private showing of the garments on mannequins for the customers and editors who actually need to see them in person (and who are the only people who ever would anyway). You can click on the link above to see a front and back closeup of each look - supposedly they were inspired by Frida Kahlo and the human skeleton. They are sublime.

Big-bang fashion shows are really just marketing tools to create buzz among those who might splurge on a handbag or other accessory from the label (and rarely the clothes actually shown in a show). Most of the buzz is created by photos of the shows, anyway, so Givenchy isn't really losing out here. In couture, this notion is especially acute.

Not that I'd like to see Karl do away with his 5 or 6 outlandish spectacles a year.

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