Monday, August 30, 2010

Blood red carpet

Though I used to eat them up as a fame-obsessed child, I rarely watch awards shows these days. I don't see many movies and only watch particular TV shows, so my interest lies mostly in the Red Carpet fashion photos the next day. I found last night's Emmys, however, to be both entertaining and heartwarming. Jimmy Fallon was a wonderful host, and it was fun to see relatively un-decorated actors like Jane Lynch and Eric Stonestreet win much-deserved statues.

It is no surprise that Anna Paquin, in Alexander McQueen, can be found on some of the "Worst Dressed" lists today. As Rachel Zoe often laments on her hilarious (and laughable) namesake series, pleasing both the fashion elite and the mainstream entertainment press is a near-impossible feat--and McQueen was never quite mainstream-friendly. I thought she looked both stunning and appropriate, however. She is a fitting bearer of the McQueen mantle, and the dress was pitch-perfect for the supernatural show she stars in. Many women looked lovely last night, but in my book, Paquin nailed it - no pun intended.

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