Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An afternoon in Chelsea

Last Saturday was cold and overcast, and I didn't have much on my agenda. While sipping coffee in bed with some months-old fashion books, I was thrilled to notice an ad for a Robert Rauschenberg show at the 21st Street Gagosian Gallery in Interview. I bundled up in Duckie Brown and Richard Chai and was on my way to Chelsea. I love seeing art at either NYC Gagosian Gallery - it always feels like a private museum showing, and I've never had a line or a crowd. I love Rauschenberg's work and had a great time making the rounds of all the work at least three times to see what thoughts it might give me.

After the show I decided to check out Jean Nouvel's new building on 19th Street, just a few blocks away. It is pretty cool! Frank Gehry's building for InteractiveCorp reflects it beautifully from across the street (below shot). And I'm sure it would all look far more fabulous on a beautiful day, but certainly not bad for a gloomy January Saturday!

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