Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Sunday

I don't much care for awards shows, which is funny, because as a child I adored them and idolized those attending.  I remember being particularly taken, at age 13 or so, with Helen Hunt's ice blue Gucci gown the year she won Best Actress for As Good As It Gets (a favorite movie of mine).  This year, I'm rooting for Viola Davis, rumored to be wearing Vera Wang, and will be perfectly content to confirm her victory via Twitter and then waste some time at work tomorrow checking the red carpet looks.  

Anyway, today I took the 4 train up to the Guggenheim Museum, one of my favorite buildings in the world, to see the brand new sculpture show John Chamberlain: Choices.  It was magnificent, and though the pieces often feel a bit gut-wrenching, many put an irrepressible smile on my face - for the fanciful nature, the color, the shine, the unintelligible, creative jumble of it all.  Above are some blurry views of a few pieces, taken with my BlackBerry.  I highly recommend, however, that you see them in person instead.

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