Thursday, August 18, 2011

Investment advice

Ludicrous stock market ups and downs aside, I'm trying not to over-shop this autumn.  I really have more than my various closets and under-bed containers can bear as it is, and I've been thinking about exploring this idea of "investment buying" I keep reading about - one usually espoused by those for whom "investments" are a nice half-dozen multi-thousand dollar items per season.  I am not one of those people, but I can probably spring for the above, both of which will compliment the million t-shirts, 300 coats and 8,000 pairs of jeans I already own quite nicely.  

The first is the lightweight wool Masai print scarf that Thakoon just released to benefit the tragic, outrageous East African famine (100% of net proceeds will go to various charities).  I've been wanting to make a decently sized donation toward the famine relief efforts, and I figure at least $150 of the price must go toward them - in addition to the fact that the Thakoon scarf is probably the cheapest and closest I'll get to a piece of Kim Jones's first (Masai-inspired) collection for Louis Vuitton menswear.  Get yours today!  The second item is the essential pair of perfect Gucci Chelsea boots, for $595 on my new favourite shopping site Mr. Porter, with which I will wear everything.  These two items, paired with some Rick Owens basics and crisp Levi's denim, should get me through NYFW with aplomb.

What do you plan to purchase this season?

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