Friday, August 26, 2011

Up with olives

One of my favorite New York City experiences is to sit at the brushed stainless steel bar at Schiller's Liquor Bar in my neighborhood on the Lower East Side and have a Tanqueray martini or two - on the dry side, up with olives.  When I am with my friend Lindsay, we always share a medium rare cheeseburger (one of the best in the city) and some pommes frites.  The bartenders are chic and friendly, the lighting is just how I like it (low), and the music is pitch perfect.  It can be tough to find a bar stool and on busier nights the crowd can run a little finance frat for my taste, but it is just right to wind down on a Sunday or Tuesday night.

I love the latest Tanqueray ad campaign, "Tonight We Tanqueray," featuring Karen Elson (above), Aloe Blacc and others - sounds like a plan to me!

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