Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's cooler than Sally Singer?

The particular circus around the shows is, to me, a bit of a comic mess at this point. I see people who I know have borrowed clothes, who are purposely dressing in ways to get photographed, but are not expressive of themselves or of the season or of anything. It’s the same drive that has people doing reality TV, kind of personal branding, you know? And a desperate attempt for sort of quasi-celebrity. And I think it’s adorable when it’s really young people because I think, why not? ...And I adore it when they’ve made the things themselves and it’s clearly their own little concoction. You know, driven in from God knows where or taken the subway in — I love that, I really love that. I think that’s the dream that keeps fashion going, that’s the whole point of it. But, I feel that when we’re at the shows, we’re there to work, and at a certain point, you should be true to your style, and if your style is recorded, great. But people know when they’ve been photographed. And I totally see why it’s fascinating for people to look at how people in fashion dress. I just think people should, as much as possible, wear their own clothes, not borrow clothes to do it, and keep the truth of it somehow intact.

This interview with T Editor in Chief Sally Singer is a must-read.  And for more Selby photos of her fabulous home at the Hotel Chelsea, click here.


  1. so basically, what she's reeeeeally saying is:

    mofos need to keep it real.

    that shouldn't be too much to ask, right?

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